A tray with half-emptied tea cups, a smoking betting office, a whispered telephone call: the city acts suspicious. But only those who are in tune with it can discover the clues - a harmless encounter becomes a secretive handover, a fly the main suspect of a case. Katinka Schuett and Anna Tiessen metamorph into a private detective duo: Schuett & Tiessen. The pair decide to investigate the clues. Observing, shadowing, taking notes. However, soon Schuett & Tiessen have to confront the assumptions of their work. In a totally surveilled world the question arises: who is surveilling whom? A glimpse from a hotel room, an escaping car. What exactly determines a street corner as suspicious or as just another ordinary street corner? With CLUE, Schuett & Tiessen allow us to peek into their ongoing investigation. No crime has been fully solved, but many claims have been made. The open cases are: Who is the fly following? And in the end, are Schuett & Tiessen in fact the prime suspects in this case?
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